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How I Survived Our Relationship Crisis

My boyfriend and I went through a relationship crisis recently. It was really hard for both of us, but I am glad that we managed to pull through. Like I said to my colleagues at London escorts at the time, I honestly thought that we would end up breaking up, but we survived. It is amazing the things that can affect your relationship. Sometimes you don’t think that they are going to, but they certainly do.

On this occasion it was my boyfriend’s father who got very sick suddenly. Before we knew it, he was in the hospital with a major hard attack. I was on the evening shift at London escorts at the time when my boyfriend phoned me. It was really frightening, and I just had to tell him to go to his dad and support his mum. His family does not live in London, so he had to travel down to Hampshire to look after his mum.

Fortunately I was just duo to have a couple of days off from London escorts at the time. The next day I jumped on the train, and went down to Hampshire. It was a really intense time, but his dad managed to survive. But it was hard, and my boyfriend ended up staying to support his mum who was really stressed out about the entire situation. There was nothing for me to do, but to go back to London and get on with life. My boyfriend who is self employed could thankfully do some work on from his mum’s home, but we did have less money coming in.

It was not only money which affected us at the time. Even though I worked full time at London escorts, I did feel a bit lonely at times. One week apart turned into two weeks, and before I knew it we had been apart for three weeks. My boyfriend came home after his dad had been released from hospital after major surgery. His dad was okay, but he felt that he needed to see his mum more. So he ended up spending three days with his mum every week, and the rest with me. It was an odd feeling, and taking care of the home was the worst thing of it all.

His dad finally recovered fully, and his mum started to stress a bit less. I cannot describe how good it was for me to have my boyfriend home full time. It was like we were finally sharing our lives again. I had not realised how much I took it for granted that he would be there when I came home from London escort. Now we are a bit better prepared. We know that we have parents who are not getting any younger, and we have sort of planned what to do when something like this happens again. Can we hack it? Of course, we can, it is all about supporting each other and recognizing what each party needs to do.

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