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Ski Hostessing Suits Me

The adult industry in London has in recent years become very overcrowded and it can be tough to make a living. When I had been working for Kings Cross escorts for a couple of years, I realised that there was only so far I would be able to go in the adult industry in London. It was not the boss of Kings Cross escorts fault, he was doing his best. I think it was actually me who wanted to get on and do something else.

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I think that I am one of the few girls who work for an escort service in London, and certainly the only girl at King Cross escorts who is into skiing. From what I can tell, skiing is still not a very popular sport with most British people, and I am not sure that it will ever be. However, the folk who enjoy it are really dedicated to it and spend a small fortune going on ski holidays. On my way home from Kings Cross escorts, I came up with an idea.

How about having a sexy ski chalet girl service? Most of the ski chalet girls that I have met on my ski holidays from Kings Cross escorts, had been kind of boring. What if you could cater for everyone needs when it came to skiing and night time entertainment as well. I thought it would be different, and would be willing to give it a try. I enjoyed cooking and saw no reason why I could put the two together. With the season coming up, I started to put my service together in my own head.

The first thing I did was to set up my own website and advertise me service to single gents who wanted to go skiing. I did not say anything about working for Kings Cross escorts. Instead I focused on my cooking skills and also my skills as a ski escort as I had decided to call myself. I knew most of the good runs in the top ski resorts in Switzerland, and that is where I focused my attention. It did not take very long to get my first couple of enquiries.

Today I have left Kings Cross escorts, and I work as a ski hostess in Switzerland during the ski season. I have built up a sincere following and it seems that many of the gents I escort on the black slopes of Switzerland, really appreciate all of my skills. The girls were really surprised that I had the guts to set up my own business, and to be honest, it is going really well. I am busy almost every week during the season, and my skiing along with my other skills that I offer discerning gents in top ski resorts, are coming along just great. I am living my dream, are you living yours??? I am sure that there is an exciting business opportunity out there for you as well. Or maybe you should learn how to ski…


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