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Is she the one?

I have never felt like this about a girl before. Sue is one of the sexiest and hottest ladies that I have ever met. When she told me she worked for Earls Court escorts, I was not really surprised. Did it bother me? I think that I felt a little twinge of jealousy and at the same time, I was not sure if we would actually end up having a long term relationship. However, we soon became more than lovers and I realised that it felt good to have a companion in my life.

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Sue’s attitude to life was a bit different than mine. Her lifestyle as an elite escort with Earls Court escorts was hard for me to relate to. I really could not understand how she did not have any feelings for the gents that she dated at the agency. She explained to me that she cared, but did not get personally involved. Most of the guys that she met at Earls Court escorts services were rather a lot older than her, and she did not feel that she had a lot in common with them.

However, with me things were different and she felt that she had a lot in common with me. I used to pick her after she had finished work at Earls Court escorts and we used to chat for hours. The relationship we developed as a couple was totally different from the one that she had with her dates. It took me some time to appreciate that, but when I finally did, I started to feel really good about Sue and thought that there might be a real long term future in our relationship.

After having gone out for about a year, I asked her if she wanted to put things on a more formal basis. I was planning to move to a different part of London where I had a 4 bedroom house which I had inherited a few years back. Would Sue be prepared to leave Earls Court escorts? I was not sure at first and I will admit that I bit my bottom when I asked her. She just looked at me and said that she would be delighted to move to a different part of London, and sort of start again.

Today, we are living in Greenwich, and I don’t know how it happened, but we have ended up running a stall on the local market. We both needed a fresh start in life. I left my busy job in the City and Sue left Earls Court escorts. We still have the income from my place in South London to live on and we are renting out Sue’s place as well. But we did not feel like we wanted to sit on our butts, so we started a pet food stall on the market. We have even been joined by a very lazy greyhound and life feels really good. Did I mention we got married? We did get married on holiday in Antique and have never looked back since.


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