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Is it just about boobs?

I know that I have big boobs. They are my own boobs and I have never had any implants like some of the other girls at https://charlotteaction.org/abbey-wood-escorts of Abbey Wood escorts. I am not hung up about my boobs, but at the same time, I don’t want my life to be only about my boobs. Now when I date, I feel that the gentlemen I hook up with only focus on my boobs. That is not a nice feeling at all, and to be honest, I am thinking about having a breast reduction.

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My boobs have been big ever since I can remember. When I first started to grow through puberty, it felt like my breasts were growing out of control. It was really weird, and I can remember rolling over one day in bed, and just noticing my boobs. Like I say to some of my dates at Abbey Wood, my boobs really do arrive before I do, and although there is nothing wrong with that, I just feel that my life is all about boobs and nothing else.


A few years ago, I would probably not have thought like this. When I first joined Abbey Wood escorts, I totally focused on showing off my assets as I like to call them. But now I feel that men only would like to hang out with me because I have got big boobs. Most of the gentlemen I date at the escort agency in Abbey Wood are totally fixed on my boobs, and it seems that they can only talk to me and look at my boobs at the same time. It can’t be helped I guess.


I never used to feel like this about my boobs, and like I said to my best friend at Abbey Wood escorts, I would really like to make friends with my boobs again. That is not going to be the easiest feat the accomplish. I do like to look after my boobs, and make sure that I look good, but it feels like my boobs have taken over my life. Does it feel right? No, it does not feel right and that is why I am thinking about having a breast reduction so that they don’t do dominate my life any more.


Some of the girls at Abbey Wood escorts are jealous of my boobs, and say they are the reason I get so many dates and gentlemen callers at the escort agency in Abbey Wood. Well, I guess that we all have our different fetishes and all of the gents who come to see me, do in general seem to have a boob fetish. If I had a boob reduction, it could mean losing some of my gents at the escort agency in Abbey Wood. Would I really want to do that? The honest answer is no, and I guess that means that I will be stuck with my big 34 E boobs. Never mind, I guess I have to make the most of them before they start to drop.





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